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Review from Property Valuer in Brisbane

I wrote this Las Vegas home sellers guide to present home owners ( who want to sell their Las Vegas homes) with an inside view of today’s Las Vegas real estate market. As most people know, Las Vegas is the fastest growing city in the country. The Las Vegas real estate market is frequently expanding.

There are many sources for the public to gather information on selling a Las Vegas home ( internet, magazines). I have found that many of the Property Valuers Brisbane don’t provide the general public with all the inside facts in reference to selling a Las Vegas home.

This brief guide is designed to help you understand the selling process before hand. Of course this brief guide cannot answer all your questions. I encourage you to contact me for any specific questions that you may have. I am here to be sure you receive the knowledge to be successful in selling a Las Vegas home.

Preparing your property to sell should not be taken lightly. Always remember there are thousands of new homes for sale and builders hire experts in order to sell their properties. Not only are you competing with new home properties, you also are competing with other re-sale properties.

Clean Up
Look at your home as though you were seeing it for the first time. Is every room neat, spotlessly clean, dusted and uncluttered? Are the windows clean? Would removing or rearranging furniture make the rooms look more spacious? Are closets tidy? Kitchens and baths are especially important:

Are appliances and fixtures clean, do they smell good, are counters clear? Clean your laundry room of dust and lint. Do your carpets need steam cleaning? Do it now and get the benefit of enhanced appearance to buyers.

Look at the exterior. Is there debris on your lot? Is your home painted? Are cars parked outside? If yes, can you move them temporarily? In summer, consider trimming bushes and mowing/whacking the native grass around your home. In winter, be sure your drive and walk to the front door are free of leaves.

Fix Up
Minor repairs help make your home more appealing and they prevent haggling during the home inspection after you are under contract with your buyers. Make sure there are knobs on doors and drawers where they should be. Tighten loose stair railings. Be sure closet doors operate smoothly in their tracks.

Repaint rooms that have soiled walls or dark colors. Consider repainting in off-white. Re-caulk tubs and showers. Patch holes, refinish wood floors, apply a polish to all natural wood, replace broken windows and windows with broken seals. Repair dog scratches on doors and woodwork, re-stain the exteriors and decks. The dollars and effort you spend on these items will repay you tenfold.
The presence and/or the odor of a pet should be avoided during showings. The barking of even a friendly dog can be the death knell to an otherwise successful showing. If you can remove your dog during showings, do so. If not, can you confine him or her to your garage or a dog run?

Cat and cat boxes may bring tears to the eyes of a surprisingly large number of buyers (due to allergies, not tender feelings). Be sure litter boxes are cleaned frequently.

Light Up
Bright interiors are paramount to today’s buyers. Open drapes, install 100-watt light bulbs, leave lights on in dark areas. During winter months, maintain your home at a comfortable temperature even if you don’t normally do so or if you are away for an extended period.

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